Monday, February 4, 2013

Christine Feehan- Dark Prince

One of my favorite authors is Christine Feehan. I stumbled upon her when I was 12 years old. If you know her then you will find it surprising that I liked this genre. There are some steamy sex scenes that were inappropriate for my age but I loved the plot.  I was at target and was itching to buy a new book. Dark Prince caught my eye because I knew it would be a romantic story right off the bat. I did not know it had some sex scenes! You can just imagine my surprise. I finished this book in no time! I then found out that there was a whole series. I began to collect them all. One day I go to Alberstons and I checked their book section and found a different book by her. By the way Dark Prince is part of a Carpathian series. They all start with "Dark" so when i saw Dangerous Tides I knew it must have been another series. I also fell in love with the book so I found the rest of the series and bought them. I got attached to both series, Carpathians and the Drake sisters. I then noticed she had two more series. Ghost Walkers and Leopard which did not catch my attention at all. It was not till I finished all the book that were out in Carpathian and Dark series that I started reading Ghost Walkers. I have to say it isn't my favorite but they are good. I still have not tried the Leopard series so if any of you have read it then let me know what you think =D


Prince of the Night. 

He came to her in the night, a predator -- strength and power chiseled his features. The seduction was deep and elemental; he affected her soul. His need. His darkness. His terrible haunting loneliness. Her senses aroused, she craved the dangerous force of his body. Burned for him. And he had only touched her with his mind.

Lady of the Light

She came to him at dawn, his bleakest hour. As the beast raged inside him, threatening to consume him, he vented his centuries-old despair in an anguished cry that filled the waning night. And she answered, a ray of light, piercing his darkness. A beautiful angel. Her compassion, courage, and innocence awakened in him an exquisite longing and tenderness. He knew he must possess her, for only she could tame his savage side and lift the dark shadow from his soul. Apart they were desolate, bereft. Intertwined physically and spiritually, they could heal one another and experience an eternity of nights filled with love

I was 12 years old when I read this and it was a shock to read some scenes. it raised my hairs and gave me goosebumps with how intense it was. It had multiple sex scenes that at first i just skipped over since i was uncomfortable reading it. I fell in love with how dominant Mikhail is and his lifemate Raven was just as endearing. They both had strong characteristics and it was watching them get to know each other. She was so used to her independence and he has been a Prince for centuries. He is not used to being defied. As you can imagine these two clashed many times. One of my favorite things is that for a Carpathian man there is only one other for them. Who wouldn't want that?! These men are devoted to their mate. I love that idea. I'm a romantic =D Must read series. If you are a lovey dovey like me. You will love this series. ^_^ 


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