Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Took myself on a date

I live with my boyfriend and we are always together on our free time. Whenever we get the same day off we go out. I like shopping. Not clothes, more like books and stuff at hot topic since they sell disney accessories.  He always ends up waiting on me because I can spend hours in that store. This week I had my day off when my bf was working so I decided to go out by myself. I enjoyed it so much. I didn't have to rush and I could go on my own pace and spend time in stores. I went to hot topic and lately i've been having trouble with my h+1 account. The guy was really nice and very patient with me. I asked a million questions on their merchandise. He said he will help me since he knows I'm in all the time......guys...i've only been there 2 times lol When I told my boyfriend the story he started laughing. They probably think i'm in there all the time since I talk to all of them for hours.

After hot topic I went to barnes and noble. Bought myself a double chocolate chip frap and walked around for awhile.

Really recommend taking yourself out and splurge.

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