Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Fifth Floor By E.H James Review

“Just know they can’t hurt you…unless they want to.”

The Fifth Floor By E.H James


Jeremy Brogan’s first day as a night watchman, at the most haunted hospital in the country, may just turn him from a die-hard skeptic into a believer after all.

Jeremy Brogan thought being a night watchman at a hospital would be easy, wandering long, dark, empty halls late at night. It might even get kind of boring after a while…except Jeremy is working at St. Michael’s, the most haunted hospital in the country. 

It’s a good thing Jeremy doesn’t believe in ghosts. Everything he sees and hears must have some kind of an explanation, right? 

That he had to patrol the fifth floor was bad enough, but never in his wildest dreams did Jeremy think he would wind up in the basement. Now all he wants is out…only the hospital and its inhabitants may have other plans.

I’ve got a morbid streak if my last short story is anything to go by. When I had the chance to read “The Fifth Floor”, I was super excited. It sounded like something I would really enjoy. It did not disappoint!
The story isn’t straight up in your face horror, it’s subtler than that, and that makes the short story all the more enjoyable. There are plenty of creepy lines (like the one above) as well as events, and they all build on each other, the next one creepier than the last.
Now this is going to be weird to say, but my favorite part was the ending. The suspense was through the roof, things were becoming more and more bizarre and then there was that perfect little twist I didn't see coming. I won’t say any more about it, because I don't want to give it away.
I feel like I ought to comment on the writing style. I found it to be very fluid and minimal in a good way. Descriptions were never overdone and yet it was still easy to tell what was going on and imagine what everything looked like.
If you’re a paranormal fan or want something creepy, then read this. I promise it’s worth it!

Review is by Anna M. who is helping me out. Thank you Anna!!!


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