Friday, December 7, 2012

Interview with Freelance Illustrator Eithne Ni Anluain

Hey everybody!!! I have some great news. I had the chance to interview the talented Eithne Ni Anluain who I have become very fond of. Wonderful gal! On this tour we will be making 14 stops and you will see some of her pieces on each. Enjoy!!


When did you start your career as a freelance Illustrator?

About 3 years ago. It happened by default accident. I lost my job and any hope of further work in the career I was in over a period of time and I started to do some artwork for a author forum I was involved with. It just took off from there. I should explain that I was accepted to art collage when I was 18, but went into science instead. So it could be said after 10 years and several convoluting roads and career changes I am eventually doing what I should have done when I was 18. I'm a firm believer in karma, so this is the right time to do it. I have a better understanding of business, people and clients where younger artists don't have that luxury. 

What was your very first piece? 

Night Flight
I actually hated editing models! They were so difficult (still are) so I used to do a lot of eye manipulations. Night Flight , was one of the first I did following a online tutorial. I eventually got over my fear of models though. 

What inspired you to be a freelance illustrator?

I think it was a combination of things. I love to read. I read my first fantasy book when I was 6 and I was for ever being given out to in school for making my essays "not realistic" enough.  When I started to do art I thought it was a natural progression to do book cover art. I could combine two things I loved to do! 

What did you do to get your name out into the world?

Hard work. Social media, portfolio sites, professional networking sites and a bit of luck. 

How did you feel when you got your first gig?

Well dogs couldn't hear me for the squealing and I may bounced off the fit ball (I sit on one) in delight! 

Did you go to school or were you self -taught?

I have a P.h D from the University of Google. 

Do u have a list of songs you listen to when you are working? If so what are they?

I used to listen to the radio a lot, but then I'd get aggravated with the auto tune. I have a huge obsession with the 1950s. Its gotten to the stage my father just rolls his eyes with the gear coming into the house. One day I accidentally clicked on Jazz Radio on iTunes and thats been it ever since. Usually the legends like Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Glenn Miller are my staple but lets not forget The Andrews Sisters and The Brian Setzer Orchestra. Any modern music along those lines will also be listened to like Paloma Faith, Adele…

What is something that you would like your fans to know about you?

I have a unhealthy obsession with 1950 swing dresses, lace and all things retro. 

What advice do you have for artists who are trying to become known?

Be professional. Do not whinge publicly (except about hair masking or painting - thats allowed!) about clients. Yes you can moan to your friends and a good moan does help but only in private. Make sure you respond to all e-mails even if you do not want the job - and this leads me to access. Be accessible. Have your own .com site, not hosted on wix & co. Be active on social media but be more so on the Networking sites like Behance and Linked In. Only ever show the top 10% of your work. Its not quantity people look for its quality. 10 good pieces is better than 20 mediocre ones. 

Is there a piece that you enjoyed making much more than others?

Probably Sadar Bua  as it started it all off. 

What process do you go through to make the final product?

Quickly its like this: find model I like (harder than most as I'm a picky mare regards quality of a image), have a final concept in my head, find stock to match, open PS, make a cup of tea and go for it. 

Do you have any hobbies?

I used to train my working line GSD in IPO/Schutzhund. He's now retired so I now help train other people and their dogs. Reading and I love TV and movies. I get a lot of inspiration from those 3. 

Is there something that you would really like to do or accomplish? 

Be on all the freelance lists for major fantasy publishers. 

Has anybody ever told you something that really touched your heart? 

Chris Dame a photographer I work for said "Your force is strong!" I was so delighted with this as I'm a huge Star Wars nerd! 

Favorite food?
Only one! Em…chocolate…cheesy taco chips…cups of tea…chocolate hob nobs…MMs…roast chicken dinner…steak…sticky toffee pudding. I go to restaurants and I pick my starter and main in accordance to the desert menu! I have a serious sweet tooth. 

Favorite color?

Depends on mood, currently its turquoise. 

Favorite place to go to?


Favorite movie? Genre of movies you like to watch

Anything but chick flicks. Think guys with swords/sniper rifles/magic/The Force, girls with swords/guns/magic/The Force and cars that change into robots. Don't really do horror ones, would rather watch National Lampoons! 

Favorite music genre?

Jazz and rockabilly

Favorite holiday?

Madrid with my twin soul sister Eva! The FOOD! 

Random Facts about yourself

Geek, nerd, 1950s obsessive, old soul, secretly love Spitfire planes, knights, IPO trainer, geologist, environmental surveyor, fantasy addict, love big dresses and guns, nickname is Crazy Legz or E. 

Thank you so much Eithne for letting me interview you. 

About Eithne Ni Anluain
Eithné is obsessed with fantasy. Some say that it is a unhealthy relationship she has. A rock is just not a rock, it’s a hiding place for faeries after all.

When not chasing said faeries she is a freelance illustrator specializing in fantasy cover art. She can illustrate stock photography but also can take model photography, design sets and props, find costumes and models.

Her symbol, the dragon was designed by Eithné when she started doing
art again years ago and it is a part of her being, spiritually and artistically.

Clients range from mainstream NYC and London fantasy publishers,
mainstream magazines and motion picture houses. 


Art Work
These are a few of my favorite - Allison

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  1. So love her work! Thanks for having her on your blog.

  2. Eithne is terrific and I am so proud to be part of this blog tour.

  3. WOW!!! Gorgeous work!!! I'm crossing my fingers! Thanks so much!!! :)

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