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Ancient Blood by Brian McKinley Interview & Review

"Born into the generation people call X (as if to cross it out or deny it), I grew up in an age without direction, the age without heroes, the age of the beautiful vampire."

Avery Doyle loves vampires; he’s read every novel, seen all the movies, and researched the folklore.  When his first one-night-stand, Caroline, turns out to be a true vampire on the run, he jumps at the chance to leave his ordinary life and join her as a “child of the night.”  The honeymoon ends, however, when Caroline’s brutal Creator Sebastian enslaves them on his island estate and Avery must confront the dehumanizing reality behind his dreams.
In order to survive, Caroline and Avery take their place as servants in Sebastian’s household during a gathering of the most powerful vampires on Earth, the Hegemony, and soon find themselves involved in the myriad intrigues and deceptions that form the night-to-night existence of The Order.
A society of wealth, power, and inhuman decadence whose existence is protected by human complicity and disbelief, The Order is the immortal aristocracy hidden behind the giant corporations and political leaders of the world. Sebastian, however, has a plan that will change The Order forever and shatter human civilization.
To avoid this terrible fate, Avery and Caroline will not only have to defy the most powerful creatures on Earth, but also confront the darkest aspects of themselves. For in the world of the Hegemony, even victory may cost them their souls . . .
A fast-paced thriller that both re-imagines and pays tribute to the traditional vampire, Ancient Blood is a story of love, ambition, sacrifice, and betrayal that is frighteningly human.

Brian McKinley
Brian is a lifelong vampire fan from New Jersey and has written four screenplays, a stage play which won a state-wide contest and was produced by a NJ community theater, and numerous short stories, three of which will be appearing in Mystic Press’ upcoming anthology Misery Loves Company.


How long have you had this idea? 

This took me about a year to write and edit. Took six years to find a publisher for it. I started by looking for an agent, but couldn't find one, so I looked for a publisher instead. Found one and sold the book, got it edited and ready to go ... and the publisher went out of business just before I would have been published. So I started all over. Meanwhile, I was working on my current book that has taken me years. And one night I happened to be on Facebook trying to befriend other authors and network, when Tabetha Jones messaged me. She had gotten my friend request, looked at my book's blurb, and offered me a contract right out of the blue!

Who is your favorite character in Ancient Blood?

It should be Avery, but it's actually Geoffrey. He's just such a completely cold and unapologetic bastard that I find him endlessly amusing to write

How do you feel about your book coming out in the vamp era?

I have mixed feelings. In a way, it's nice to be able to have a book that is so distinctly different from all the Twilight wannabes, but I really dislike the pussification of vampires that's happening. They're all romance novel pretty boys nowadays. That's not vampires to me.

What is your favorite vampire movie?

 Interview with the Vampire. It's a tough call, but that one has the beauty, the violence, and the inner story that I love. In most movies, vampires are just the bad guys.

What type of music do you listen to?

A wide variety. I listen to music when I write, so I often pick something appropriate. I love classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, but I can also get into classical, opera, jazz, swing, and even Native American music. I have a character and book playlist.

What song do you have for Avery?

For Avery, I listened to a lot of Weezer, Good Charlotte, Type O Negative, Concrete Blonde. I also listened to a lot vampire movie soundtracks when I was writing the Hegemony scenes.

Is there anything you would like your readers to know about you?

Not sure. I suppose the biggest point to make would be that I'm not my characters. Any of them. While they all live in my head and I have the imagination to allow them to do some truly horrific things, that doesn't mean that I condone those kind of actions in real life. Some people assume that because you write it, you're into it, and that's not always true.

Random Facts about Brian McKinley

I love old Universal horror movies and intelligent thrillers, but am actually kind of a wuss when it comes to modern, gory horror movies. I can't watch them. I can write it all day long, but images stick with me too long.
I have written stage plays, screen plays, novels, short stories, and poetry.
I don't watch much TV. What I do watch is Food Network, HGTV, and History channel. I will watch specific shows off cable like Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, and Game of Thrones.
Favorite color is black
Favorite book is Red Dragon By Thomas Harris
Favorite Holiday is Halloween
Oh and guess what ladies, he's single so feel free to pounce!

When i heard that Ancient Blood was about vampires i was wondering what kind of story line Brian McKinley brought to the table. Every author has their own version of a vampire and over the years the myth has changed. They sparkle, they walk in the light with a ring, they are vegetarians(meaning only animal blood), and so on. This book was all together different from what vampires are considered to be. Ancient Blood is more of a political vampire story. Politics just don't mesh well with me. I was also thrown off with the language used, i felt like i had to translate most of it and it slowed me down a bit. This only happened when we meet other characters though. Avery, the main character, was the one that kept me balanced. I liked the fact that there are some twists and scheming characters. If you want a new perspective of vampires then this is a book you should read. 

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