Thursday, September 20, 2012


“it’s the President who got shot.” She looked at me expectantly.
 Right, I should know this but I don’t. So I just put my thinking mask on.
“He was shot in a parade. He was cute, everybody loved him!” Shouldn’t everybody love their presidents? Wait no, he got shot. I couldn’t help but giggle to myself.
 “Come on woman! Think!” She kept shaking her leg as if it’s about to run off if I don’t answer.
“I really don’t know my presidents unless its Abraham Lincoln or Obama. Oh, and Bush” I can hear everybody laughing in the background when I said this. Cindy’s face became red with anger or maybe laughter. I can’t tell but we had no time to dispute, clock was ticking.
“THINK THINK THINK” Cindy became exasperated. In my mind I kept thinking Kennedy but I remembered there were so many Kennedys because of some Kennedy curse. Three letters popped into my mind.
“ I don’t know! JKF?” I should probably go for comedian since the whole room bursted into laughter including my partner in Cranium. 
“Couldn’t you have said the half a second ago” She began to laugh and my heart started to beat again, glad she didn’t rip my head off.  I looked at the board and noticed that our game piece was still at the starting line while our opponents was more than half way through the game. I am a sore loser but we are so far behind that I couldn’t even be angry.
“Can we play scrabble now?” I asked. No point on playing if I don’t have a chance at winning. Blah, I got up and looked at the fish longing to be able to swim. I miss swimming, I miss the ocean, the scent, the sand, and my friends. The fish is beautiful, a beta fish that is a dark blue color. After a few seconds I noticed that there were bubbles on top of the water. I smiled as I remembered my friend back home talking to me about Betas.
“It means he’s ready to mate, basically S-E-X”  I began to imagine fish having sex but didn’t know how exactly that would work. I watched her as she began to fill up the tank with water. Water…
“Earth to Kat, Meoooow. Meoooow” Grrr…I hate that!
“You know Michael, I think some cats are in heat outside, maybe you should show them your meowing skills and you might finally get lucky” I stuck my tongue out at him and he began to wiggle his nose.
“ The only cat I’ll go after is you” I walked back and sat on the floor next to his legs nuzzling my head against his lap. Pretty Ironic considering I am allergic to animals, especially cats. I glanced up at him and noticed him staring, his blue-gray eyes looking at my boring brown eyes. I keep wondering how I got so lucky or maybe not so lucky. I am still confused on what it should be.  

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