Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Desire and Fate Review

Stranded on another world, Hanna encounters some of its occupants. Fear consumes her as she is taken from her human ways of life.

Ozonar is one of the most powerful leaders of his race. He has been watching and secretly desiring Hanna from afar, until the day he decided to enter the Human's camp.

What does fate have in store for them, and will desire keep them together or tear them apart?

Cannot get over the surprises I encountered in this rather unique story. I cringed, I cried, and at some point I just had to stop reading to take in what I had just read.  I am still mind blown with some of the scenes which will be haunting me for the rest of my life. I have got to say that this is a book I will never forget. Along the way I felt my motherly instincts come out and I would cry or want to cuddle with a teddy bear. I now wish there was someone like Ozonar.  I wonder what Beth Wright will come up with next. Definitely curious. @_@


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