Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blood Vengeance Review


There is an evil rising that wishes to seek havoc….Renee Draven believed her battle was over but her nightmare is just beginning. There is a darkness lurking seeking vengeance; with vengeance comes loss and family secrets will be revealed. Renee will question her lineage and her power; while other Evils play on her doubts she must determine truth from lies. Or will the lies be enough to rip the light from our heroine’s soul? With the past revealed the future holds a shock conclusion. New heroes will be found and new allies will be made…lives will be lost and hearts will be broken…are you ready for the ride to hell and back?


 Another beautifully told storyline that did not fail me. After reading Blood Magic I thought to myself how can she top that or add more. I cannot believe how well she has been able to keep up with my expectations. I am definitely keeping my out for the others to come!!
 I was able to see Renee Draven mature and grow confidence but she wasn’t the only one growing in power. Her arch enemy Damaskeos who she was destined to kill was instead banished which was a grave mistake. His banishment became a vacation. New obstacles have unfolded and Damaskeos is an ant compared to the other beings she must face. She also has to prepare for a great battle that has been spoken of for centuries. I was astonished at how much Renee has grown and how her relationship with William has blossomed.



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