Monday, September 24, 2012

Blood Magic By Zoey Sweete Review

A witch/vampire hybrid, Renee Draven was sent to fulfill her destiny. Hell-bent on destroying the Evil One that has tormented and defiled her lineage for centuries, she must take back the power that was stolen long ago. Racing against time to destroy the darkness that threatens her life and those she loves. She must confront her demons. Losing faith in herself, and her power, she stumbles across William Angelo, the one she was said to bring home and save. While on her dark journey she must find Dante Angelo, his blood is the key to awakening her vampire side and defeating Damaskeos. Struggling to stay alive, she is torn between wanting a normal life and her duties, Renee must learn to believe in herself and the magic that flows through her blood, if she is to save the lives of those she loves. Will she find the strength to defeat Damaskeos and end his reign once and for all? Or will she fall as all the other Draven Witches before her? Blood Magic will take you on a mystical ride into alternate dimensions, the magical world of the Draven witches, and the supernatural creatures that would give their life to protect them.


I got to say that this book just made it on my top list of books. I was entranced within the first couple of pages. I literally did not want to finish the book without knowing I can continue it. I was torn between going to sleep and figuring out what was going to happen next. I finally decided to sleep and leave a few pages a mystery so I had something to wake up to. Romance always makes a book much more interesting especially a love triangle, well what about a square, possibly a pentagon!! Men are like magnets when it comes to Renee Draven but only one will win her heart.  That is the least of her worries since she has to conquer creatures that people would usually stay away from. Top that with the pressure of having to destroy the one man that has been haunting her dreams and killing her family, we have a mind blowing story line. I cannot wait for the rest of the story to unfold. 

This amazing book can be found here

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